Just as rules of conduct govern the classroom, they apply in extracurricular activities. These bus rules help to ensure a safe, enjoyable trip.

Previous students have worked hard to establish a good image, and Florida schools are respected throughout Florida; conduct that damages this image is not acceptable.

One person's actions can affect the safety and quality of the trip. Therefore, violating these rules may lead to suspension from bus privileges and elimination from participation in events and activities.

1. The bus is an extension of the classroom; behave appropriately. The teacher or coach on the bus is in charge and will maintain discipline. Students can help to ensure a safe ride by remaining seated while the bus is moving.

2. Students should be respectful and courteous to fellow students, using a conversational voice level: no shouting or screaming. This helps the driver give undivided attention to the road. Use of stereos is permitted only with headphones.

3. Do not block emergency exits with musical instruments, athletic gear, etc.; the aisle must remain clear.

4. Please keep the bus clean, using on-board plastic sacks and garbage containers. At the end of the trip, the teacher or coach in charge will ensure that passengers collect trash and leave the bus in the same good condition it was in when the trip started.

1. These rules exist to ensure a safe, enjoyable trip. Act in a manner that will not tarnish the image of your school, your community or yourself.