1. Walk your children to and from the bus stop.
  2. Stay with your children to make sure they are at the bus stop on time, wait back from the curb and avoid rough play.
  3. Teach your children to ask the driver for help if they drop something near the bus.
  4. If you have safety concerns about the bus stop location, please contact the school.

  1. Be at the bus stop early, about five minutes before your bus is scheduled to leave.
  2. Wait for the bus in a safe place - away from the road.
  3. Take your seat right away; stay seated at all times.
  4. Keep the bus clean.
  5. Keep all of your body inside the bus.
  6. Listen to the driver; follow directions.
  7. Leave the bus carefully using the handrails.
  8. Take 10 giant steps away from the bus before crossing in front of it.
  9. Look both ways before crossing the road; wait for the driver's signal.
  10. If you drop or forget something, stay away from the bus.